Random numbers provide the security foundation for all crypto applications – and today, crypto is everywhere. Encryption, certificates and digital signatures are at the forefront of protecting data at rest, data in motion and data in use. Whether generating keys, initializing processes or just mixing things up, randomness is what separates the bad guys from the things you care about.

It’s tempting to take random numbers for granted but that would be a mistake. Every hardware platform, every operating system and every application generates, handles and consumes random numbers differently. That creates a problem. Security should be consistent.

You should have confidence that all of your applications have access to true random numbers – all the time, whether in the cloud or datacenter, on a mobile or an IoT device. It’s time to take control.

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Whitewood is your Entropy Solution

Do you really know for sure that your applications have access to true random numbers? Operating systems are the source for most random numbers. But they are deterministic, pre-programmed, stimulating randomness by capturing entropy from the physical world.

Proving that everything is working is notoriously hard. Unpredictability and randomness is almost impossible to measure. The reality is that the quality of randomness is different for every device and the environment around it. Quality is illusive and variable. Imagine if the same were true for our water or electricity supply.

Whitewood addresses these two issues:

How Whitewood Can Help You Harness the Power of True Random Numbers


As enterprises adopt virtualization technologies, transition to public clouds, and push trusted operations to the edge of their networks with the IoT, key management becomes a critical concern. High quality random number generation is an essential component and is a perfect fit within a centralized key management infrastructure.

Hosting and Cloud Providers

Add value, retain customers and grow revenue by delivering random seed material to tenant applications. As a cornerstone of your security services portfolio you can attract security-critical applications away from the traditional corporate datacenter providing a compelling opportunity for all service providers.

Security Solution Providers

Relying on weak sources of entropy and random numbers can compromise a product’s integrity, risk your reputation and make security certification more costly. By harnessing the power of quantum-powered entropy as an integral part of your products you can create true differentiation that makes you stand out in a crowded market.

Let Whitewood Help You Take Control